Ohioville Borough

Established 1960

Water and Sewage

Ohioville Borough Municipal Authority

Ohioville Borough Municipal Authority (OBMA) is the public water supplier in Ohioville. The office is located within the Borough Building. Meetings for OBMA are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Borough Building.

Georgane Pyles, Clerk
(724) 643-0312

Steve Vasilatos, Water Operator

OBMA Board Members

Michael Secchiutti- Chairman
Richard Sutton- Vice Chairman
Clarence Dawson- Manager
Gary Bosetti- Secretary/Treasurer
Dominic D’Egidio- Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

EADS Group

The EADS Group is the borough Sewage Enforcement Agency. There is no public sewage operated by Ohioville Borough.

Jonathan D. Barron
(724) 601.8539